Some things I've been involved with recently..

  • 💬 Developed forum software which is being used to help small businesses find support during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • 🎧 Earworms is a micro social media site I built as a side project during the first UK lockdown. You can share your favourite track of the week, follow your friends and discover new music

  • 📊 Built data visualisations with Who Targets Me during the UK 2019 General Election, one of which was shown during the BBC News at Ten the night before polling day

  • 🔍 Led the front end development of interactive data exploration tools while working side by side with AI and machine learning engineers

  • 💡 Took a mobile app from an idea to the App Store for a renewable energy startup

  • ❤️ Built the first Time Out Love London Awards web app, which was promoted by the then Mayor of London (he's now the Prime Minister)

  • 🎄 Competed in, and won, the first hackathon at one of the UK's largest retailers (they went on to build a full version of the idea for the Christmas trading period)